How to Connect Netgear WiFi Extender to Spectrum Router?

Connect Netgear WiFi Extender to Spectrum Router

Planning to install a Network WiFi range extender in your home to have an extended network? Are you trying to connect a WiFi extender to Spectrum router? This guide is all that you need right now. Here you’ll find every minute detail needed to perform the Netgear Nighthawk extender setup.

Let us tell you that a WiFi extender connects to the root router and expands the signals to areas with no internet. If you’re looking to get rid of WiFi dead spots in your home using an extender then read this post to learn how to connect Netgear WiFi extender to Spectrum router.

Before Everything Else

If it is an old WiFi extender that worked with another router previously then the very first step that you need to perform is to delete the previous router’s settingsfrom it. To get this job executed, you need to reset your Netgear extender and have the factory settings running on it. Use the steps highlighted ahead and reset your WiFi extender.

Steps to Reset Netgear WiFi Extender

  • Detach all the cables from the extender except the power cable.
  • Ensure that the extender is plugged in and is receiving a consistent power supply from its outlet.
  • Using a sharp pointed object, push the Reset button located on the extender.
  • Hold the button for 10 seconds approximately and then release it.

Your Netgear WiFi extender is now reset.It is ready to be connected to the Spectrum router now. Move to the next section to learn how to connect Netgear WiFi extender to Spectrum router.

How to Connect WiFi Extender to Spectrum Router?

1st Step: Place the Devices

The Netgear WiFi extender should be placed next to the host router. Bring the extender to the same room as the Spectrum router. You need not necessarily place them next to each other; placing them in the same room is sufficient so that they can have smooth communication.

2nd Step: Join Them Using a LAN Cable

Although the extender and router can connect wirelessly, making a LAN cable is suggested to avoid any setup issues. Fetch a LAN cable and using it, join the Netgear extender’s Internet port to the LAN port of the Spectrum router. Verify the connection and then move to the further step if the connection is well in place.


3rd Step: Supply Power

Plug in the Spectrum router into a well working power outlet and toggling its Power button, supply power to it.Next, supply power to the WiFi extender using the same steps. Follow the same sequence while switching on the devices.

4th Step: Join the Extender’s Network

The moment your WiFi extender is powered on, you need to get your PC connected to its network. Use the default SSID and the default WiFi password of the WiFi extender to join the network. You can get the information about default values in the user guide that came in its package. You can also refer to its label for the same information.

We suggest you connect to your extender’s network by making an Ethernet connection. The reason is that awired connection is always better and there are fewer chances of signal dropping.

5th Step: Execute Setup Steps

The moment you join the extender’s network, you will have the Netgear Genie setup page appearing on the screen. In the event that does not happen, you need to run your browser and use or IP to go to the setup page. After accepting the terms and conditions, keep on following what the instructions suggest you to do.

When asked to enter details of the network to be extended, use the Spectrum router’s details. Assign SSID and WiFi password to the extended network and also change the admin password of the Netgear extender. Once you’re done executing all the setup prompts, you will have your extender ready to be used.

This is all about how to connect Netgear WiFi extender to Spectrum router.Relocate the extender to a place where you need to access the extended network.

Wrap Up

Setting up a WiFi extender is an easy task if you carefully follow all the instructions. Once the extender is set up and shifted to a new location, you should test its internet connection. Try to join its WiFi and see if the placement is fine. Try different locations and choose the best possible location where you’re getting optimum network from it. Now that you know how to connect Netgear WiFi extender to Spectrum router, you can at any point in time follow the steps if required.

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