How to Improve Your WiFi Performance to Efficiently Work From Home

The COVID-19 epidemic has changed the way people work for their daily needs, especially in the IT sector. These days, millions of people around the world are working from home to stop the spread of coronavirus, which makes the need for high-speed internet completely essential. If you do not want any kind of hindrance within your important work, then you must try the tips listed below to improve your WiFi performance.

How to Improve WiFi Performance?

Choose an optimal location

Find the most suitable area to place your WiFi device in your home. WiFi signals can interrupt due to certain barriers like electronic appliances or walls. So, place your modem/router in the area where it can get the most strength and seamless WiFi network signals from your router. It is always best to place the device somewhere in the mid of your home.

Update firmware

To improve the performance of your WiFi, consider doing the firmware update to the most recent version. It is basically a software version that helps in controlling and managing a particular piece of hardware. If your WiFi device is a bit old, then updating the firmware will undoubtedly improve its workability.  

Change Channels

Switching the channel to the less congested one can also give your device a performance boost. WiFi makes use of radio frequencies and if people living near your place are using the same frequency, it can disturb your WiFi signals. So, change the channel by finding the one that works the best.

Remove unnecessary apps/devices

Check if your WiFi is jam-packed with the connectivity or availability of a plethora of apps/devices. Remove the one which is not needed and draining the performance of your WiFi. 

Get a range extender

Consider doing WiFi range extender setup for turning the dead zones in your home to the fun zones. Once done with the extender setup in your home, you would be able to work from each and every corner in your home ranging from backyard to front yard and kitchen to living room.

Get a stronger antenna

Most WiFi device some with weak antennas. Compared to the WiFi antenna your router comes with at the time of purchase, getting a high-performing antenna can help in boosting your WiFi, without spending money on a new router.

Limit WiFi leeches

It is always important to encrypt your WiFi by protecting it with a strong password. Don’t think that if you live in a posh area, then no one will leech your WiFi. You are advised to secure your WiFi device by changing the default username and password to something strong and unique. This way you would be able to protect your WiFi device from the potential threats.

We hope that the tips given in the article will help you make the most of your WiFi. If you have any queries regarding extending your WiFi network, then feel free to get in touch with our experts for immediate help!

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