How to Set Up Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router Model XR1000?

Set Up Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router Model XR1000

Got your hands on a Netgear Nighthawk router? We will help you set up your Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router Model XR1000 through this informative guide. Setting up the router is the initial step that you should perform so that you can begin enjoying its lag-free internet throughout your home. Use the instructions discussed in this post and install your Nighthawk router with ease.

Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router Model XR1000 Setup

The easy to follow steps discussed ahead will guide you through the router setup process with no hassle.

Step 1: The Placement

Choose an ideal location for your Nighthawk router first. An ideal location is the one that is:

  • Close to the internet modem or internet gateway
  • Away from interference causing devices
  • In an open and non-congested area
  • At a higher location
  • At a distance from reflexive surfaces and large water bodies.
  • Clean and dry

Now select a location keeping into consideration these factors and place the router.There ought to be available wall outlet at this place.

Step 2: The Connection

Now, insert the LAN cable into the Ethernet port on the router and the modem. In case it is a DSL connection, then directly connect the coaxial cable to the router.

Step 3: The Power Supply

You can now turn on the router. But before that, switch on the internet modem. After that, plug in the router and switch it on. Let the LEDs on it turn stable.

Step 4: The Login

You should now log in to your Nighthawk XR1000 router using the web URL You can also use the default IP Use these steps.

  • Connect your PC to the router’s WiFi or make a LAN connection. Get the information about the WiFi SSID in the Nighthawk Pro Gaming router model XR1000 user manual. You can also check the label on the router.
  • Once you have connected your PC to the internet, launch a browser.
  • Insert the URL or IP in the address bar.
  • Press Enter and you will land on the login page.
  • Type admin in the username field and password in the password field and click Log In.
  • This displays the admin dashboard for you.

Step 5: The Setup

After logging in and reaching the admin dashboard, you need to follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

  • Go to Settings > Setup > Setup Wizard.
  • Setup Wizard displays.
  • Click on the radio button Yes.
  • Create an admin password for your router now.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and save the settings.

This way you can complete the Netgear router setup for model XR1000.

The Ending Note

Setting up a Nighthawk Pro Gaming router model XR1000 is an easy job. You simply need to execute the instructions that we have provided in this guide. After the router setup is complete, you can use the updated login admin password to log in and configure other settings like the Parental controls, setting up guest networks, updating firmware and much more.Now, connect various devices in your home to router’s network and begin browsing the internet.

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