Struggling with Netgear Nighthawk Login?

To update the firmware or to make other changes to home network settings, one must login to the Nighthawk router. But, it seems that you are facing issues with the login process. If yes, then read the information given here. On this page, we’ve breakdown Nighthawk login steps in an easy way. Along with that, we’ve also mentioned a few tips to be followed if you are unable to log in to your router even after following the correct approach.

How to Login to Nighthawk Router?

Two methods are adopted by millions of users for Netgear Nighthawk router login. The flow chart given below will help you know about them:

flow chart

Netgear Nighthawk Router Login via Web GUI

To log in to the WiFi router via the web GUI, you have to access the router’s web IP address i.e. The steps mentioned below will help you log in to the web portal of your Nighthawk router:

A well-working Ethernet cable must be connected to your router’s Internet Port to the modem’s LAN1 port.

  • First of all, revise the cable connection between the router and modem.
  • If the connections between your devices are all good, switch on the computer.
  • The next step is to make your computer access the internet.
  • If you have a spare Ethernet, then cable your router and computer using it.
  • Otherwise, connect your computer to the Nighthawk router’s WiFi.
  • Now, launch your favorite web browser and move to the address field.
  • Type and press Enter.
Netgear Nighthawk Router Login via Web GUI
  • The next window will ask for your router’s user name and password.
  • Into the User Name field, enter admin.
  • Enter the default router’s password i.e. password into the Password field.
  • Else, enter the personalized one.
  • Select Log In.

This is how you can complete Netgear Nighthawk login. In case your WiFi router supports the use of the Nighthawk mobile application, then you can also use the app for logging in to your WiFi router. Click here to check whether your router supports the Nighthawk app or not. If yes, then refer to the next section and learn how to login to Nighthawk router using the mobile app.

Netgear Router Login Using Nighthawk App

If you haven’t downloaded the Nighthawk app yet, then download it by visiting You can also get the app installed by navigating to the app store of your mobile phone. As soon as the app gets installed on your mobile, refer to the instructions.

  • Be sure that your mobile or tablet is connected to the Nighthawk router WiFi.
  • Tap the Nighthawk app icon to launch it.
  • You will now be asked to provide your Netgear account details.
  • Enter the email ID and password.
  • Tap Sign In.
  • You can also log in to the router using its login details instead of Netgear account info.

The moment you tap Sign In, the dashboard of the app will appear. It means you are allowed to change the settings of your Nighthawk router. But, just in case, you are not able to get success with Nighthawk login, check out the next section.

Netgear account info

Nighthawk Router Login Not Working?

1. Check the Login Details

A lot of users are bad at remembering login details. Perhaps, you are one of them. Therefore, go through the login entrees again and ensure that you’ve entered the login password and user name correctly. Remember that the login details are case-sensitive.

2. Connect to the Right Network

If you have used a WiFi connection to connect the router and computer for Nighthawk login, then know that connecting to the right network is the most important thing. Be very sure that you’re not connected to any other WiFi connection other than your router.

3. Update the App/Browser

There is also a possibility that the platform used by you is not updated due to which you are facing login issues. Thus, consider updating it to fix login problems. You can update the web browser via its settings and the Nighthawk app via the app store.


Ensure that you are entering the correct IP address into the browser’s URL bar while logging into the router. Else, use for Nighthawk router login. When it comes to the Nighthawk app, be very sure that it is not cached and is compatible with the OS version of your mobile phone.

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