Beginners Guide to Perform Mywifiext Password Recovery

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We manage a number of passwords regularly. A study has revealed that 80 out of 100 users forget the passwords of their various accounts due to different login credentials. These various accounts include retail websites, social media accounts, mobile phone passwords, and extender’s admin details. Thankfully, Netgear extenders allow users to do mywifiext password recovery in case they’ve forgotten the admin password.

Have you also forgotten the login password of your Netgear wireless extender? Well, that’s unfortunate! Now, you might be unable to access the Netgear wireless extender setup wizard. But, don’t worry! Walk through the below-mentioned sections and learn how to perform mywifiext password recovery to gain access to the extender’s dashboard.

How to Do Mywifiext Password Recovery?

Step 1st- Power Up Your WiFi Extender

First of all, consider powering up your Netgear WiFi extender. For this, get access to a wall socket near your host router and plug your extender into it. After your extender perfectly fits the power outlet, set the Power button on the switchboard to the ON position.

Step 2nd- Connect Extender to Router

The next step in line to do mywifiext password recovery is to create an extender-router connection. So, get hold of a network cable and with its help, connect the ports of your WiFi devices. What happened? Don’t have access to a network cable? Use a wireless source then.

Step 3rd- Open a Web Browser

Now, switch on your PC. Load a web browser. Plenty of options are available pertaining to the browser’s selection. So, you can opt for the one you find easy to use. Also, make certain that the one you use is secure.

Step 4th- Visit

Go to the address bar of the internet browser and enter Remember that you cannot access the web address using the search bar of the browser. After confirming the correctness of the web address entree, press the Enter key.

Step 5th- Find Username and Password Help Link

The moment you hit Enter, the login window of your Netgear range extender will appear asking you for the admin password and username. For mywifiext password recovery, you need to select Username and Password Help.

Step 6th – Answer Security Questions

You will get redirected to a screen displaying security questions that you’ve set up during Netgear extender installation. After answering every question correctly, click Next. The next window will reveal the username and password of your extender. Thereafter, click the Back button and log in to your Netgear WiFi extender using those details.

In this manner, you can perform mywifiext password recovery. Just in case you are unable to recover the password of your Netgear device, follow the troubleshooting tips mentioned below.

Fix- Can’t Do Mywifiext Password Recovery?

Fix 1st- Check the Extender-Router Connection

The connection between your extender and router determines the probability of getting success with the mywifiext password recovery process. If the connection is weak, then you need to make it stable. The wireless connection can be stabilized by reducing the distance between your devices. On the other hand, the wired connection demands nothing but a damage-free condition of the network cable for successful communication between devices.

Fix 2nd- Use an Updated Web Browser

The web browser has a pivotal role to play when it comes to recovering the Netgear WiFi extender password. Yes, we said that any web browser can be used, but you need to ensure that the one you’ve used is not outdated. If it is, you know what needs to be done. Besides, take precautions by clearing the cache, cookies, and browsing history of the internet browser you’re using.

Fix 3rd- Answer Security Questions Properly

The security questions are the most crucial part of the mywifiext password recovery process. Therefore, they must be answered correctly. Just in case you answer them incorrectly or have forgotten their answers, you have no option left other than resetting your Netgear range extender to the factory default mode. After that, you have to install your extender from scratch. FYI, you can either use the manual method or Netgear Nighthawk app for the installation process.

Wrapping Up

It is quite normal for a user to forget the Netgear extender’s admin password. However, if every step is followed correctly, no one can stop you from achieving the mywifiext password recovery success.

Let’s wrap up with the hope that you will be able to recover the Netgear admin password using the aforementioned steps. In case you need an expert’s guidance during the process, consider contacting our technicians.

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