Installation Procedures to Setup your Netgear Device like a Pro

Netgear wireless range extender

New extender setup and installation is the remedy to brain-teaser issues that are related to internet and home network like slow and sluggish WiFi signals, dead zones, poor connectivity, blind spots and a lot more.

Normally, Netgear extender setup is very important for those people who do not have enough time to troubleshoot technical issues linked with internet and networking devices. A wireless repeater (extender) can easily be set up either manually or via WPS (WiFi-Protected Setup) method. Note down that both methods can be a complex for regular network users.

LED (power) lights on range extender can help in finding out the best place to spot your device. However, most users get confused with them. So, need not to get puzzled and have a look below and see what the LED lights on your signal booster (extender) say:

Hardware Features

The LED lights on the front of the device show how the range extender is working.

  • WPS: The LED light indicates a secure wireless connection.
  • PC to Netgear Extender: The LED light will be lit when the range extender is properly connected to a PC or laptop.
  • Status: This LED light will be lit when the Netgear expander (extender) is powered on.
  • Link Rate: This LED light indicates a solid wireless connection between the extender and the main router.
    1. Green is excellent.
    2. Amber is fine.
    3. Red is worst.

Note: For best optimal performance, place antennas of your Netgear device in straight-vertical position.

The side panel of the Netgear device has the following features

  • On/Off (power) button: Turns on and off the device.
  • The WPS button: Press and hold the WPS button for a few seconds to connect the range extender to a wireless adapter or your main router wirelessly.
  • The Factory Reset button: To use this button, grab a paper clip and insert it into the reset hole and hold it till the status LED flashes/ blink.
  • Ethernet port: You can connect a computer/ laptop or other internet or WiFi-enabled device to this port as described in Netgear WiFi range extender manual.

The following table describes the LEDs.

Front panel LEDs
Router Link

This LED light indicates the connection between the range extender and main router or the access point:

  • Solid Green: Best connection.
  • Solid Amber: Good connection.
  • Solid Red: Poor connection.
  • Off: No connection.

Device Link

This LED lights indicates the connection between the range extender and a computer, laptop or WiFi device:

  • Solid Green: Best connection.
  • Solid Amber: Good connection.
  • Solid Red: Poor connection.
  • Off: No connection.


  • Solid Amber: The range extender is booting.
  • Solid Green:  The Netgear extender is powered on.
  • Off: The WiFi extender is powered off.


  • Solid Green: The WPS security is enabled.
  • Blinking Green: The WPS (WiFi-Protected Setup) connection is being established.
  • Off: WPS security is not disabled.

If you wanna gain further information then you are free to contact the service provider of Netgear team anytime of the day or night at +1-888-572-1134 (toll-free) and ask for Netgear extender support as well.

Setup and Installation of new Netgear Device in Extender Mode

  1. Unbox your range extender. Place it in a neat and clean place.
  2. Plug it into a wall socket closer to the main router.
  3. Turn on your PC or a laptop and open a web browser.
  4. Navigate to Netgear Genie setup wizard by typing mywifiext into the URL field.
  5. Enter default username and password into the provided field.
  6. Choose SSID (network name) option and hit on Continue.
  7. Type the passphrase (password) in network key field and hit on Continue.
  8. Select the extender network name and again click on Continue.

New Extender Setup in Access Point Mode

  1. Power on the Netgear wireless repeater and let it boot up properly.
  2. After that, set your range extender switch to access point mode.
  3. Connect router and the extender with each other via Ethernet cable.
  4. Launch a web browser and into the address bar type
  5. Your range extender will recognize the internet connection automatically.
  6. Now, what you are going to do is to apply security settings to the range extender and hit on Continue
  7. At last, connect to the extender wireless network and click on Continue.

Thus, Netgear wireless range extender can be set up in access point mode easily. If any step in this post troubles you or is consuming much of your time then feel free to get in touch with experts via comment section below.

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