Key Tactics to Secure Your Netgear WiFi Router

Netgear WiFi router

A router plays an important role in the home internet setup. It is your gateway to the digital world. A securely configured home Netgear WiFi router acts as the first line of defense against network hackers. However, an unsecured router running on the factory default settings can lead to a lot of WiFi risks. Therefore, it is quite important to secure your Netgear WiFi router.

Configuring a wireless router is not difficult at all, still, most of the users don’t make the required changes in the default settings during the setup – and you might be one of them. Well, it is all okay! We are always here to help you out.

Have you ever customized the router’s default settings? When was the last time you changed the settings to be sure that your Netgear WiFi router is secured? Worry not. In this post, we will show you the primary settings to change for making your router more secure. Let’s get started.

Router Security Tips

Change the Admin Password

Routers usually come embedded with a default admin password. And if you don’t modify it, anyone will be able to access your router and customize settings according to them.

Don’t think that hackers won’t get to know the password of your router; there is an abundance of websites that offer a database of default passwords.

So change the password immediately after buying a brand new router. To do so, you have to access the Netgear router login page. While creating a password, make sure that it is something except your name, your spouse’s name, your birth date, mobile number, vehicle number, etc.

Turn Off UPnP

UPnP is an abbreviation used for Universal Plug and Play. Most of the routers include this feature which enables devices or apps to send and receive traffic via routers.

This function makes it easier for you to utilize various gadgets like media servers and video game consoles that may require to obtain communications from outside your network. However, this can be a safety risk. So it is better to disable this feature right away.

Change the SSID

SSID is the technical term meant for your router’s WiFi network name which is broadcast. This can be seen when you are going to connect to a new network. Making use of a default SSID is again a safety risk as it allows hackers to identify the router’s brand. Therefore, change it as soon as possible.

Do not select a name that identifies you and includes any personally identifiable data. You can make changes in SSID via the default router login page. However, users face an issue while accessing the web page. They get an error saying not working. Don’t panic. It is just a temporary error arising due to technical issues. Simply turn off your WiFi and turn it on again. Then connect to it and try again. If you still face the same issue, contact the experts at immediately.

Set up a Guest Network for Smart Home Devices

A guest network has its own benefits. In addition to providing your guests with a unique SSID and password, it even restricts unknown users from accessing your main network.

As soon as you set up a guest network, there would be no need to share your primary network credentials with your guests. They will not be able to access your IoT devices or infect your wireless network.

Update Router Firmware

Upgrading your router’s firmware is a vital security measure to secure your Netgear WiFi router against online threats. There are various modern routers that let you turn on notifications to prompt you whenever a new update is available. On the other hand, some manufacturers may also push the latest update automatically to your hardware, eliminating the need to do anything from your side.

Also, a few routers incorporate updates within the settings option. In this scenario, you have to ensure that the firmware is manually updated regularly. Go to and see whether the new update is available or not. If available, download and install that without any delay.

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