Netgear Cloud Gaming: Revamp Your Gaming Experience

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Cloud gaming or playing a game through a remote server rather than a local machine is alive and growing at the lightning speed. So there is no need to download a heavy yet favorite game eating a lot of disk space of your system. Just enter Netgear cloud gaming and enjoy games on your device anywhere anytime.

What Exactly is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming makes use of server farms in lieu of local computing power to render as well as process gameplay and graphics. Thus, the machines below the required or minimum specifications of a game will now allow you to play games in blazing-fast frame rates and high resolutions – that too without investing in a gaming PC.

With Cloud gaming streaming, you will require a controller or another HID to play. However, you are able to play games directly on your TV, tablet, or smartphone. A few graphics can be blurry but that entirely relies on your rendering device’s screen resolution and more particularly, your internet connection.

Get Power to Win With Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming Routers

Netgear has long been recognized by avid gamers across the globe for its top-notch performance Nighthawk networking hardware. With the evolution of Nighthawk Pro Gaming, Netgear has now taken one step ahead by officially making its way into the cloud gaming arena.

The latest Nighthawk Netgear pro gaming router is XR500 and the Nighthawk pro gaming switch is SX10. These are particularly meant to address the specific requirements of all gamers on PC, gaming console, and even mobile.

Apart from the XR500, Netgear has other gaming routers as well. These are: Nighthawk pro gaming XR450, XR500, and XR700 WiFi router.

What Makes Netgear Pro Gaming Routers the Best Routers For Online Game Play?

By making use of the gaming-specific Duma OS, the Netgear pro gaming product line has helped millions of gamers eliminate their lag, reduce their ping, and revamp their overall gaming experience. Here are some amazing features which stand out the Netgear cloud gaming routers from the rest:

  • Quality of Service: Removes the network clogging by avoiding lap whenever your bandwidth is being used.

  • Geo-filtering: Makes sure that you only connect to nearby players and severs while playing a game. Thus, you can rest assured that distance is not causing you to lag at all.

  • Network Monitoring: Enables you to understand your internet usage and keep a check on what or who is causing a lag in your game using in-depth bandwidth analysis.

That’s why Netgear Nighthawk pro gaming devices are becoming popular throughout the world.

Which Gaming Router is The Best For Me?

Choosing the best gaming router can be a bit confusing, but it is not as daunting as it first seems. Keeping a focus on the required features for your home network will help you narrow down the available options.

Before anything else, check how many devices you own in your house and how they are connected. How many smart devices do your home have? Do you own a vast array of gaming devices? Do they require to be connected via Ethernet? Are you using many devices that are stream boxes or cord cutters?

Choose your router as per the answers to all these questions.

Second, which way you are using to connect to the internet? Is it a modem or an ISP gateway? If yes, how old that model? You can find the model and serial number at the back or bottom side of your device. On the off chance that it is older than three years, it is recommended to replace it with a new one.

Now, that’s where you can start making a decision on which Netgear Nighthawk gaming router you’d need to revamp your gaming experience. In case of any queries or doubts, reach out to our experts.

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