Netgear WiFi Extender Won’t Connect to Mediacom Router?

netgear extender wont connect to mediacom router

Having a hard time connecting the Netgear wireless extender with a Mediacom router?We can help you. Through this guide, we will help you learn what could be stopping the extender and router connection. In the same guide, you’ll learn the best remedies to fix the Netgear extender that won’t connect to Mediacom router. Before you begin your troubleshooting journey, have the Netgear extender and Mediacom router login credentials handy.

Netgear Extender Can’t Connect to Mediacom Router: FIXED

A wireless extender connects to the root router and extends the router’s signals further. You can use two approaches for the Netgear extender and Mediacom router:Wired and Wireless.

In the first approach, the two devices are placed close to each other and connected with the help of a LAN cable. In the second approach, simply place both devices next to each other and they connect using the radio frequency.

The fixes described here will cover both of these connection types. In the further sections, you’ll find remedies that’ll help you get both devices connected to each other. Read ahead.

In a Wireless Connection:

Are you trying to use a wireless mode to connect Mediacom router with the Netgear extender? Check the distance between the both devices now. You must make certain that the extender is placed within the range of the router. Move the devices closer to each other such that they can communicate smoothly.

Apart from this, you should ensure that there are no electronic devices or home appliances nearby. Such devices can result in signal interference. Thus, place your Netgear extender and Mediacom router away from them and then try connecting them.

In a Wired Connection:

If you’ve made a LAN connection between the WiFi extender and the host router, then you should check the condition of the LAN cable. If it is not up to mark, then get it replaced right away with a cable that’s in good condition.The cable should be able to make a firm connection.

Besides, you should check the ports on both devices. See to it that the ports are clean and non-damaged. It is suggested to clean the ports and then insert the cable.

Is the Mediacom router connected to the Netgear extender now? Continue reading further for more troubleshooting steps.

Try to Update Mediacom Router

There are chances that the firmware versions on both devices are not compatible which is causing the connectivity issues. Your Mediacom router should have the latest firmware version installed on it so that you can easily connect it to the Netgear extender. Why don’t you update the router now?

You should use the Mediacom router login details to reach its admin dashboard now. Upon logging in, check for updates. If you see an update ready to be installed, get your router updated without any delay. The minute you have your router up-to-date, connect it to the Netgear extender and complete its setup via URL.

Supply Steady Electricity

Is the WiFi extender and host router fully powered on? Do they have a steady power?Fluctuations in the power connections can be areason why the two devices have difficulty connecting to each other.Fix anything that’s faulty to eliminate the obstruction.

Perform a Factory Reset

Does yourNetgear extender still fail to connect to Mediacom router?Your extender should have the out-of-box settings installed on it when you are connecting it to the root router. The connection is failing because you have some custom settings configured on the extender. It is recommended to factory reset your extender now. By resetting your extender, you’re wiping out all the personalized data from it. After the custom data is erased, the default settings are restored on it. Connecting it to the Mediacom router won’t be a trouble anymore. To reset the extender:
netgear extender reset

  • Remove any cable connected to the extender. Let only the power cable remain connected.
  • The extender should have steady power to it while you’re resetting it. Confirm this and proceed further.
  • Get an object that’s sharp and pointed. You can use a paper pin. Using it, push the Reset button which can be found inside a hole.
  • Hold the button for at least 10 seconds.
  • Release the button and the reset process will initiate. It’ll take some time for the device to be reset to the default settings. You got to patiently wait till then.

The Ending Note

Your Netgear wireless range extender will easily connect to Mediacom router after you have the extender running on the default values. Use the right steps to set up the Netgear extender with Mediacom router. Open the Netgear Genie setup page on a browser or use the Nighthawk mobile app to get the job executed. Once the setup is accomplished, the extender is prepared to provide you with extended internet signals.

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