5 Nighthawk CAX80 Firmware Update Tips You Should Know

5 Nighthawk CAX80 Firmware Update Tips

Like every technical gadget, the Netgear Nighthawk CAX80 modem router also needs firmware updates. Firmware is software installed in the flash memory of the device. This software helps the device perform its functions by giving instructions. It is essential to be upgraded on a regular basis so that the device keeps giving the best performance. This post will help you understand more about Nighthawk CAX80 firmware updates.

You will learn the best tips that you shouldn’t miss while getting your router updated. You will also know the firmware update steps.

Nighthawk CAX80 Firmware Update Tips

1. Avoid Interrupting the Process

While the Nighthawk CAX80 firmware update is going on, make sure that you are not interrupting the process in between. For example, after you click on the Install button, if you begin playing games online or start doing any other online work, then there is a possibility that the process gets interrupted or halted. This shouldn’t happen. So stay on the same page till you see the message appearing on the screen that the firmware is successfully updated.

Another instance is if the firmware update is taking longer time than usual, then you may power off the router. But avoid doing this. You need to wait patiently.

2. Have a Stable Internet Connection

The previous point mentioned about not interrupting the process. An unstable internet connection is also a reason that the process may stop in between. Hence, before you begin updating the firmware on your Nighthawk CAX80 cable modem router, check the internet connection.

Do a speed test first. Verify all the cables and wires. None should be loose or damaged. Getting in touch with your ISP will be helpful if you have any internet-related issues.

3. Ensure Adequate Power Supply

Netgear Nighthawk CAX80 router must be receiving a consistent electricity supply from its respective power outlet. In case the router is not fully booted up, the firmware update process may be halted. So check the power outlet as well as the power cable. You can use an alternative socket if the current one is damaged or is not working properly.

Besides the device that you are using to get through the Nighthawk CAX80 firmware update process should also be receiving a stable power supply. In case it is a laptop, then charge its battery sufficiently beforehand.

4. Download the Correct Firmware File

If a new update is available for your CAX80 modem router, then you will see the notification about it on the top of the admin dashboard. You can simply click on the message and get the firmware updated.

Another way is to opt for automatic firmware updates. You simply need to select a time slot and the firmware updates are done automatically.

There is another method known as the manual method wherein, you download the firmware file on your device (computer or laptop) and then get it installed on your router.

Most users go for third last method. If you are also using this method, then make sure that you are downloading the correct firmware file on your PC. Every router model has its own firmware update file. They are all not the same. So do not install the wrong file on your router or else you will get yourself into a mess.

5. Use to Right Instructions

The process has to be followed in the correct manner. Use the right steps. Refer to the user manual to know the exact steps for the Nighthawk CAX80 firmware update. However, not every user finds it easy to understand the user manual instructions.

We have made the job easy for you by highlighting the correct firmware update steps ahead:

How to Update Nighthawk CAX80 Firmware?

  • Download the correct firmware file for the router model CAX80.
  • Use the Netgear official website for downloads.
  • Save the file at a safe location on your PC.
  • Verify the connections. Check all the cables and ensure everything is well in place.
  • Supply power to the devices now.
  • Get your PC connected to the router’s network using its network name or make a LAN connection.
  • Log in to your router now.
  • Go to Advanced> Administration > Router Update.
  • Click Browse and select the firmware file saved by you.
  • Now, click Upload to begin the firmware installation process.

Wrap Up

Using the tips given here, you will get the Nighthawk CAX80 firmware updated with the most recent version without getting stuck.

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