How to Connect T-Mobile Home Internet to Nighthawk Router?

Connect T-Mobile Home Internet to Nighthawk Router

I have a Netgear Nighthawk router which I wanted to connect to T-Mobile home internet. But I had no idea how to go about the process. After a lot of research, I found the correct way and I was successful in getting my Nighthawk router setup done. I am sure there are many others like me who have been looking for ways to get their routers connected with the T-Mobile network. So I decided to write the entire process in this post that will help you learn how to connect T-Mobile home internet to router by Nighthawk. Even if you own any other router brand, the same process can be used.

How to Connect T-Mobile Home Internet to Router?

After researching I came to know that any third-party WiFi router can be connected to the T-Mobile gateway using the Ethernet cable. However, we should turn off WiFi on the T-Mobile gateway to avoid Double NAT. So the very first step is to disable WiFi on the gateway.

1st Step: Turn Off WiFi on T-Mobile Gateway

Using T-Mobile Internet App

  • Plug the gateway into a well working wall outlet to supply power to it.
  • Connect your phone to its network.
  • Launch the T-Mobile Internet App.
  • Select T-Mobile Internet
  • Choose Network.
  • Toggle the Hidden button.
  • Tap Save.

Using Web Interface

  • Visit your T-Mobile dashboard on a PC that’s connected to its network.
  • In the left panel, select Network > WiFi Network.
  • Click 2.4 GHz network.
  • If prompted, do the login using the admin details.
  • Turn off this frequency band by toggling all the buttons to the Off positions.
  • Likewise, turn off the 5 GHz band as well.
  • Finally, when you’re done, click Save to apply the changes.

This turned off the wireless network on your gateway. However, you can still make an Ethernet connection as there is another port available even after you connect the Nighthawk router to it.

2nd Step: Connect the Nighthawk Router

Now, bring your Netgear Nighthawk router to the same room. Consider powering off the gateway for some time. Use an Ethernet cable (CAT 5 or 6 suggested) to join the yellow LAN port on your T-Mobile gateway to the WLAN port on the router. Confirm that the connection that you’ve made is firm and move to the next step.

yellow lan

3rd Step: Power on the Devices

Now, the time has come for you to supply electricity to both devices. Plug in the T-Mobile gateway first and then the Nighthawk router. See to it that both these devices are fully powered up with a consistent electricity supply.

4th Step: Log in to Nighthawk Router

Now you need to log in to your Netgear Nighthawk router to complete its connection with the T-Mobile home network. To log in to the router, your PC must be connected to its WiFi. Thus, connect your computer or laptop to its network by either making a WiFi connection or a LAN connection.

5th Step: Carry Out the Setup Instructions

Run an internet browser on your PC now and type in its address field. Upon hitting the Enter key, you will be taken to the Nighthawk router setup page. Further you need to follow the setup prompts and do exactly what the instructions suggest you to do.

This is all about how to connect T-Mobile home internet to router. Your router is all set to provide you with an internet connection. But there are a few important factors that you should know. Read them in the next section.

Important Points to Consider

  • Set up your Netgear router in Router mode and not Access Point mode.
  • Make sure that you enable NAT on your Nighthawk router.
  • Turn off QoS on the router.
  • Consider turning on UPnP if you want to do gaming. This is by default enabled. However, go ahead and confirm the same by logging in.

The Final Note

This brings an end to this helpful post on how to connect T-Mobile home internet to router by Netgear Nighthawk. All of this helped me set up my router. I hope the same steps should help you as well. You can now connect your devices to the router’s WiFi and enjoy the internet.

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