Why Can’t I Factory Reset Nighthawk Router?

Why Can’t I Factory Reset Nighthawk

Resetting your Nighthawk router restores the default settings on it by erasing the current settings that you have customized. Many a time you may need to reset your router. For instance, you forgot the login password and can not log in. There are a few other reasons for which you may factory reset Nighthawk router. We shall discuss about them later in this blog. But, if you can not complete the reset process then you might get stuck. Do not worry about it, we can help! This blog post will help you reset your router by eliminating the hindrances that are stopping the reset process. Let’s begin!

Why Factory Reset Nighthawk Router?

Let us begin by discussing more about the reset process. The reason we mentioned earlier is the most common one for many users. Apart from that, if your router is giving a really poor performance and needs a fresh start, then also reset process will come to the rescue. Also, if the firmware got corrupted or you are simply stuck with the router and it does not turn on, resetting it will be helpful.

Now, you know the reasons, let us help you fix the problem under discussion.

Nighthawk Router Can’t Reset to Factory Settings [Fixed]

Reason 1: Router is Not Turned On Properly

Solution: When you try to factory reset Nighthawk router, you must make sure that it is properly powered up. Check if it is connected to a well-working and non-damaged wall outlet or not. Also, ensure that its power button is in the On position. Try to use an alternative wall outlet to plug in the router and once the power LED on it is stable, then only try to reset it.

Reason 2: Resetting Using the Wrong Button

Solution: The Nighthawk router can be factory reset by using a button labeled located on it. If you are using the wrong button to get the task done, then you will fail in resetting your router. The button is usually located inside a hole which is why users find it difficult to identify it.

So, you need to make very certain that the button that you are using is the right one. It should be labeled Reset or Factory Reset.

Reason 3: Software Glitches Won’t Let Router Reset

Solution: Sudden power failures can cause much harm to your router. So can the internet disconnections. The router can get troubled by minor temporary technical glitches due to any of these and thus begin behaving differently. Not being able to factory reset Nighthawk router can also be because of the software glitches. You can try rebooting your router to get rid of them. To reboot the router, turn it off first and unplug the power cable.

After waiting for some time, plug it in and turn it on. Now, try to reset it to the factory settings.

Reason 4: Using Incorrect Reset Procedure

Solution: Even after making the necessary amendments as discussed above, if you still can not factory reset Nighthawk router, then you need to verify the steps that you are following to execute the process. You may be committing a mistake here and hence can’t get through the reset process. Use the instructions given ahead to verify the correctness of your reset process:

  • First of all, remove the connection between the router and the modem. Carefully remove the Ethernet cable connecting the two devices.
  • Next, ensure that the router is receiving a stable power supply. It should be properly booted up.
  • Now, locate the Reset button on the router.
  • Use a sharp pointed object and press and hold the Reset button(hole) for a minimum of 10 seconds.
  • The LEDs on it will flicker and soon get settled.

Your Nighthawk router will reset to factory settings. The current customized settings will be wiped out from it. This would include the login password, WiFi password, WiFi settings, Guest networks, Parental Controls settings etc.

Reconfigure Nighthawk Router

Since the router is running on the default values, you can not use its WiFi. You will again need to set it up from scratch. So, make its connections with the modem and connect your computer to its network. Log in using the default credentials and complete the setup process on a web browser.

Note: Default admin details:

Username: admin

Password: password

Wrapping Things Up

We are anticipating that after using the above-given steps, you will be able to factory reset Nighthawk router without any issues. After resetting and reconfiguration, you will no longer be bothered by any problem related to your router. However, we recommend you update the firmware of your router to the latest version to have the next-level WiFi experience from your Nighthawk router.

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