Netgear Router Not Connecting to Internet after Reset [Solved]

Netgear Router Not Connecting to Internet

So, you restored your Netgear router to its default factory settings? But, what is that? Is it not connecting to internet now? Well, more than 90% of users reset their WiFi routers due to some reason and get stuck with a new problem where the router fails to provide the internet connection. Mentioned in this write-up are the techniques that you can adopt to fix the Netgear router not connecting to internet after reset problem.

Why is Router Not Connecting to Internet Post Reset?

Plenty of occasions are there when the router denies connecting to the internet after getting reset. However, the most possible cause is the implementation of the incorrect reset steps. Know that carrying out the process in an incorrect way results in an incomplete reset. Here are the correct steps that you must follow to reset the router properly:

  • Firstly, you need to connect the router to a working wall outlet.
  • Be very sure that no device in the home network is connected to the router.
  • Now, locate the RESET button.
  • Once found, press the button using a needle or a similar object.
  • You are supposed to hold the button for some time. Let’s say 30 seconds.

Your router will get restored to the default factory mode. You can now try connecting it to the internet now. But, what if the problem is still there? In that case, the use of a damaged Ethernet cable or a damaged socket might be the responsible factor. There is also a possibility that your Internet Service Provider is performing some maintenance. Whatever the reason is; walking through the next section can help you to resolve the problem.

Fixed: Netgear Router Not Connecting to Internet after Reset

1. Check the LAN Connection

As soon as the router resets, the user is suggested to join it to the modem so that the internet connection can be re-established. It can be done with the help of a LAN cable. But, it seems that you’ve done something wrong with the cable connection. Therefore, check it right away and ensure that:

  • You’ve not connected the cable to the wrong ports of your router and modem.
  • The connection between your devices is not unstable.
  • The LAN cable in use is not damaged or flipped.

2. Verify Proper Power Supply

Chances are that the electricity supply was proper at the time of the reset process but has now ditched you. Uncertainties are always there. Aren’t they? To check that uncertainty, do a regular check on the power socket that is supplying electricity to your router. If it is found damaged, then you have the following options in hand:

  • Get the wall outlet repaired or
  • Connect your WiFi router to another yet working outlet.

Note: If your area suffers power outages too frequently, then we suggest you make use of a UPS. It will ensure that power does fluctuate all of a sudden.

3. Contact Your ISP

The third reason why your Netgear router is not connecting to internet after reset might be a problem from the end of your Internet Service Provider. Perhaps, he’s doing some maintenance from his end because a major fault has occurred. Whatever it is, you cannot get things clear until you communicate with him. So, get in touch with him and verify if what we’ve just stated is true or not.

In case the problem is from the end of the ISP himself, you are suggested to wait patiently till he fixes the issue. Once done, check if your router connects to the internet this time.

The Final Thought

After you’re done following the tips mentioned above, we are hopeful that your WiFi router will connect to the internet. Just in case you’re still facing the Netgear router not connecting to internet after reset problem, then we recommend you perform a 30-30-30 reset. In this procedure, you are supposed to carry out the reset process three times. The button must be kept pressed for 30 seconds in every go. The moment the process completes, you can connect the modem and router using a LAN cable and the connection will be restored.

To know the instructions to connect the router and modem, you always have the router’s user manual by your side. However, you have to be very careful during the entire procedure.

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